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7 things to do when faced with calamity or test : gratitude journaling


We all here that “ Allah tests the people that he loves the most. Sometimes I feel I’m usually too lucky in life and it makes me wonder if I’m on the right track. But I came to the understanding that Allah also tests people with good things such as wealth, happiness etc and he wants to see if we are going to accumulate all these wealths for ourselves only or we will share with others. So tests can come both in a negative and a positive form. Often times I say to myself that the greatest test for me would be “a test on my children’ but I recently got tested for a very brief moment on health. It was a very scary experience initially, but later I found myself simply patient probably because I had no other option. It made me realize there are different areas one can be tested. Let us just pray we get the courage and strength to pass those tests.

In circumstances we are faced with tests that have a long term effect on us , here is a coping mechanism for us all; a list of all the things that Allah blesses us with;

  1. The gift of life; firstly we have to remember that despite all the negative things going on in our lives we are still alive. Many people have left us

  2. The gift of good health; for those not inflicted with health challenges , always remember that Allah has given us life in good health. Without good health we will not be able to achieve our goals in life

  3. The gift of Islam: let us always see KT as a privilege that we are Muslims. Let us be very grateful for it and practice the art of patience in calamity just like we were taught in our religion

  4. The gift of tranquility: for some people , they are alive, healthy, have a family but they are always worried , anxious and stressed. A sense of Tranquility is indeed a huge blessing from above

  5. The gift of family : it is indeed a huge blessing to have a spouse and beautiful kids. We have to remember that there are a lot of people out there who are still not married talkless of kids. And remember these people are constantly praying to Allah for that. While some have their spouses, they are not able to conceive.

  6. The gift of steady job/income: we have to be thankful to have at-least a steady income that will take care of all immediate needs. Many people struggle to earn a living

  7. The gift of luxury: some people are struggling to make ends meet while some have a little extra to travel once in a while and catch a break or do other luxurious things that make us happy in life.



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