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Summarized Quranic Verses with powerful lessons

Below are some uniquely summarizes verses from the Quran that we should always reflect on as Muslims. It will help us in carrying out our day to day activities with full spirit and awareness.

Don't lie (Q22:30)

Don't spy (Q49:12)

Don't insult (Q49:11)

Don't waste (Q17:26)

Feed the poor (Q22:36)

Don't backbite (Q49:12)

Keep your oaths (Q5:89)

Don't take bribes (Q27:36)

Honour your treaties (Q9:4)

Restrain your anger (Q3:134)

Don't spread gossip (Q24:15)

Think good of others (Q24:12)

Be good to guests (Q51:24-27)

Don't harm believers (Q33:58)

Don't be rude to parents (Q17:23)

Turn away from ill speech (Q23:3)

Don't make fun of others (Q49:11)

Walk in a humble manner (Q25:63)

Respond to evil with good (Q41:34)

Don't say what you won't do (Q62:2)

Keep your trusts & promises (Q23:8)

Don't insult others' false gods (Q6:108)

Don't deceive people in trade (Q6:152)

Don't take items without right (Q3:162)

Don't ask unnecessary questions (Q5:101)

Don't be miserly nor extravagant (Q25:67)

Don't call others with bad names (Q49:11)

Don't claim yourselves to be pure (Q53:32)

Speak nicely, even to the ignorant (Q25:63)

Don't ask for repayment for favours (Q76:9)

Make room for others at gatherings (Q58:11)

If enemy wants peace, then accept it (Q8:61)

Return a greeting in a better manner (Q4:86)

Don't remind others of the favours you have done for them(Q2:264)

Make peace between fighting groups (Q49:9)



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