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About BeingMuslimah

Merhaba! Sister Asma is a student of knowledge, a 38 year old woman with a keen interest in Islam. She has a BA in Islamic studies from International Open University, Qatar by Dr. Bilal Philips. She owns multiple social media pages&groups for online daawah such as; words of prophet muhammed (pbuh), Islamic comics, beingmuslimah channel etc. She is currently a student of Tafseer by Nouman Ali Khan. She has a charity foundation that aims to transform the lives of communities in terms of education and health. Anybody interested in publishing their write ups, articles, essays in the blog section are free to contact her via the contact form on the website.


Jazakhallahu Khair! Bissalam!


The Academy

Beingmuslimah academy was founded in July 2023. The site had been in existence since 2020 but just as a blog sharing islamic articles. Now it has been transformed into a major learning centre with access to free online courses, Exams and certificates (minimum score of 60% only).

The Library

It is also fully equipped with free Islamic e-books in 26 different categories such as fiqh, hadith etc, almost a 100 articles, & duas, Quran audio of many reciters, Quran Tafseer and Quran translation in 34 languages. 


The Academy owns a charity foundation called Al-maghrib.It was also established in the year 2020 with the goal of transforming the lives of communities interms of health and education.

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