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10 interesting Hadith Terminologies

The science of Hadith is indeed a very long and interesting journey, here are some of the terminologies used:

  1. al-hadeeth – اَلْحَدِيْث

Linguistically – Something new

Technically – That which is attributed to the Prophet (r) as regards words, actions or tacit approval, physical features and characteristics

2. al-isnaad – الإِسْنَاد

– Has two meanings:

1) Ascribing the hadeeth back to the one who said it – connecting the chain of narration, and

2) The chain of narrators which reaches back to the text – which is the same as “as-sanad”

3. al-matan – اَلْمَتَنLinguistically – A hard protruding part of the earthTechnically – That which the chain of narration ends at (the text)

4. al-musnad – اَلْمُسْنَدLinguistically – That which has been attributed to someone

5. al-musnid – اَلْمُسْنِد

– He who narrates the hadeeth with its isnaad

6. al-muhaddith – اَلْمُحَدِّث

– He who occupies himself with the science of hadeeth – with both the sciences of the texts and the chains of narration – and he knows a great many narrations and the condition of their narrators

7. al-haafiz – اَلْحَافِظ

– There are two sayings :

1) He is the same as the muhaddith, and

2) He is of a higher standard – such that what he knows at every stage is more than what he does not know

8. al-haakim – اَلْحَاكِم

– He who has knowledge comprehending almost all of the ahaadeeth such that only a very few escape him

9. al-mutawaatir – اَلْمُتَوَاتِر

Linguistically – Succession, consecutive

Technically – That which is narrated by such a large number of people that it is impossible that they have invented a lie

10. (maqbool) مَقْبُوْل

That found to be reported by truthful and acceptable narrators. Its ruling is that it is obligatory to accept and act upon it.




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