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12 things Muslims should do more during Ramadan

There are things scholars enjoin Muslims to avoid in the Holy month of Ramadan.

But there are numerous other acts they are advised to do more to maximize the blessings of the holy month. Here are 12 of those things:

1. Read the Holy Quran

Muslims are enjoined to dedicate more time to reading the glorious Quran during Ramadan because of the bounties that it brings. Scholars have said that one receive multiple rewards for every letter recited in the Holy month.

2. Intensify efforts in the remembrance of Allah

The days of the Holy month is expected to be spent remembering Allah through various acts of Ibadah. Reading the Quran and reciting different chapters of the Holy book as a form of creating bond with Allah is highly recommended.

3. Give to charity

Ramadan, in essence, is for sober reflection. Muslims are advised to give to the poor in their everyday life but giving of alms is highly encouraged in the Holy month.

4. Visit the sick and the poor

It is also advised to visit fellow Muslims who are sick and may not be able to fast in the glorious month. It is expected this will create bond within the Ummah and give them a sense of belonging.

5. Observe Laylatul Qadr

The Night of Majesty – Laylatul Qadr – is observed towards the end of the Holy month and Muslims are enjoined to double their acts of Ibadah during the period to enjoy its benefits.

6. Give food to the needy

Many Muslims are fasting with no resources to sustain the fast – both in the evening and by midnight. Muslims, especially those with the financial muscle, are highly advised to give food to the needy to help their fellow Muslims.

7. Pray at the appropriate time

Observing the compulsory Solawaat -five daily prayers – is of importance in the Holy month. Muslims have no excuse in the pang of hunger during Ramadan to miss their solat.

8. Mingle with fellow Muslims

It is also advised in Islam that Muslims mingle with fellow Muslims in the Holy month. It is more pronounced for the privileged in the society to mix with those on the lower rung of the societal ladder – both in the Holy month and afterwards.

9. Donate to worthy causes

There are numerous Islamic causes that could help propagate the messages of the deen that Muslims are advised to partake in during Ramadan. Worthy causes may include donating to the publication of Islamic sensitisation materials or sponsoring radio and television programmes to spread the message of Islam.

10. Mend broken fences

Allah rewards the one who mends broken fences and aid healthy relationships in the Ummah – Muslim community. Hence, Ramadan offers Muslims the opportunity to mend broken relationships and live peacefully.

11. Offer Zakat ul Fitr

Muslims are enjoined offer Zakat ul Fitr ahead of the Eid prayers after Ramadan. This is to enable the needy, the poor and the less-privileged also celebrate the festival with joy.

12. Spread the message of love

Ultimately, Islam is peace and Ramadan offers the best of opportunities to spread the message of love, especially to non-Muslims. Scholars advise that even when provoked, a Muslim should simply embrace peace by saying “I am fasting, I am fasting”. Such peaceful conducts should be extended beyond Ramadan

Source: Premium Times

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