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7 productive things to do on social media

Social media can have both positive and effect effects on our minds depending on what we choose to use it for.  If used wisely, I guarantee you this is a very easy way to get into paradise because one has the opportunity to reach a very large audience. One can spread Barakah easily.

Unfortunately using the same social media, one can multiply bad deeds easily with the wide range of audience.

Here are some productive things one can do on social media;

  1. Engage in productive discussions only: try and avoid controversial discussions. Only point out if it becomes absolutely necessary and if you feel your contribution will impact positively on the individual. Avoid insults of all manners

  2. Open a page/group: you can open a page or group and give it a name of your choice; ‘Islamic world’ “words of prophet muhammad PBUH” etc. This page will help you spread Islam and get multitudes of reward.

  3. Enroll in short courses; there are a lot of online schools such as international open university (IOU), Ar-Rayyan institute, maryam institute etc it ranges from short courses, to diplomas, degrees and PHD in Islamic studies.

  4. Follow productive people; the beauty of social media is you can choose who you follow or becomes your friend. Follow people that will impact positively on you. If you avoid following negative people in the first place, you’ve tackled the problem on time

  5. Posts: Be cautious of what you share & post. Allah is always watching us and angels are present to write every action we make. Whether it is a public post or private chat, be always aware that you are not alone. If you son or daughter reads your post or status, what kind of footprint are you leaving behind? Will it make them proud or ashamed?

  6. Create YouTube Channel: you can take advantage of YouTube grossly. There are a lot of Islamic videos you can download or watch online. Also, you can create your own channel to spread Islamic knowledge and gain a wide audience. This can also be done on TikTok.

  7. Develop your tech-skills: Develop an Islamic-themed video game. Avoid violence and pick something light and humorous instead.


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