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8 Muslim Daily Routine Ideas

It is a very good idea to have a plan of daily routine we engage in otherwise we end up wasting our precious time. Time is of essence and should be used wisely. Every second of every minute or every hour is very critical hence shall be put in good use.

Allah, All-Mighty, says: “By Al-’Asr (Time)! Verily Man is in loss.” [Qur’an, 103: 1-2]

By virtue of the above Verse, Allah puts forward a Divine Oath by “Time,” in the general sense of the word, to man, whose real existence is based on “Time” as substantiated by a number of days: whenever a day elapses, one part of man’s life and existence does pass away. Whenever a newly-born day dawns, it calls out: “O son of Adam! I am a new creature and a witness upon your deeds. So make the best of me, for I shall never come back until the Day of Judgment.”

We are able to avoid this loss if we dedicate our lifetime to obeying Allah. Here are some routine things we can engage in t avoid wasting time;

1. Fajr period: Personally, this is the most productive time for me . I usually sleep early and wake up in time for fajr salah. Do the necessary Nafilah, Quran recitation, adhkar as sabah and if possible sit until sunrise and do another 2 nafila.

2. Work: Do your job dedicatedly. Remember this is a contract you signed. As a Muslim we should honor our contacts and work the required hours

3. Move with dhikr counter: This is a fantastic idea because it gives you the ability to say adhkar at random times; in the kitchen, train, walking etc. I think this is a good opportunity, it replaces gossiping and it’s an effective way to utilize time.

4. Study/learn; whether it’s Arabic , Islamic psychology, or aqeeda, learn something new. There are plenty of short courses online that can be completed within the shortest possible period. The more Islamic knowledge we gain, the more sense of tranquility we gain.

5. Relationship with people: whether colleagues, bosses, friends treat each person nicely. It could be a smile, a nice word, an advice, relieving hardship etc When you order office lunch, sometimes order for your colleagues. Always he known as a giver. You can keep a box of sweets/gum on your desk to be accessed by anyone. Refill the box when finished.

6. Social media: we all use social media daily. It is advisable to use it wisely. Instead of fighting with people you can simply send daily nasiha, motivational quotes , Quran etc . Because of the photos you post. The same way good deeds multiply, is the same way bad deeds multiply. Avoid offending people. If you don’t agree with something, argue logically without insults. If you cannot do that then avoid controversial posts.

7. Taking care of family: Women who do not work but dedicate their time to taking care of their family, remember there is a lot of reward in it if the intention is to please Allah and get rewarded. A woman has plenty opportunities of getting into Jannah from her home.

8. At night: after witr prayer, you do evening adhkar. Before you go to sleep ensure the kids also say a prayer before sleeping.



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