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A pocket summary of Juz Amma Surahs

  1. Surah an-Naba:  The Surah gives an important news or message.  It tells us that the Day of Decision is coming. This beautiful and orderly universe is pointing to the Day of Decision. Allah will bring all people to judgment.  The wicked will be thrown in the hell and the righteous will receive their reward from Allah.

  2. Surah an-Nazi’at: It speaks about Allah’s angels who take the souls at the time of death. As Allah has power to take away the souls, as He has created the whole universe, He also has the power to resurrect people after their death. The story of Prophet Moses and Pharaoh is mentioned to warn the people about the consequences of arrogant pride which leads to the denial of the truth.

  3. Surah ‘Abasa:. The Surah begins with the incident of a blind man (Abdullah ibn Umm Maktum) who came to the Prophet to seek knowledge, while the chiefs of Makkah were denying the message. It talks about the greatness of Allah’s message.  Those who will accept this message they will benefit from it.  But those who deny this message they are bringing harm to their own selves.

  4. Surah al-Infitar:  The Surah reminds human being that Allah has given them a wonderful proportionate shape, but they and the whole universe are totally dependent upon Allah.  The creation has a purpose and the Day of Judgment will come.

  5. Surah al-Mutaffifin: The Surah warns those who commit fraud in business. It reminds about honest dealings. The righteous will prosper. Allah has the record of every person.

  6. Surah al-Inshiqaq: This Surah tells us that this world has no permanence.  It also speaks about the record of deeds and the rewards of the righteous and the punishment of the wicked.  It reminds people to pay attention to the Qur’an.

  7. Surah al-Buruj: The Surah speaks about the persecution of the Believers.  Allah watches over His own people and He will bring His enemies to judgment. The Surah warns the opponents of this message. Their end might be the same as that of many nations before who denied Allah’s message and persecuted the Believers.

  8. Surah at-Tariq: Every thing in this universe is working under the protection and supervision of the great Keeper.  The creation of human beings as well as the creation of this universe is not a joke. The creation is a serious work of Allah and so is His word, the Qur’an.

  9. Surah al-A’la: The Surah speaks about the praise of Allah the Most High. He created everything. He created the human being and gave him capacity to make progress. Man can make progress if he obeys Allah’s rules. The Qur’an is the message from Allah and He will guard it. The Prophet should continue giving the message to others. Those who accept it will benefit from it, but those who will reject it they will be the losers.  It talks about the ‘Akhirah and that this message is the same that was given to Prophets Ibrahim and Moses.

  10. Surah al-Ghashiyah: The Surah talks about the coming calamity that will cover everything.  The humanity will be divided into two groups: the frightened, tired and exhausted group, and the joyful and happy group.  Then the attention is drawn to this wonderful that Allah has created.  The Prophet is told to remind people. His mission is to remind only, not to impose the message. Allah will make the final judgment.

  11. Surah al-Fajr: The Surah talks about the judgment of Allah: the reward and punishment that will take place in the hereafter.

  12. Surah al-Shams:  The Surah tells us that as there is a contrast between sun and moon, night and day, heaven and earth, so there is also a big difference between good and evil.

  13. Surah al-Layl:  It has basically the same theme as the previous Surah, but it tells us about the two ways of life: good way and evil way and the consequences of both ways.

  14. Surah ad-Dhuha:  This Surah gives the message of hope and consolation.  It reminds about Allah’s blessings and the way the Believers should take these blessings.

  15. Surah al Insharah: The Surah tells us that the Believers should not give up under difficulties and stress. There will be ease after difficulties.

  16. Surah at-Tin: The conclusion is drawn that Allah’s judgment will come.

  17. Surah al-‘Alaq: The first five verses are among the first that were revealed to the Prophet (saw) in the cave of Hira.  Then the rest of the Surah was revealed when the message was presented to the people of Makkah and they began threatening the Prophet. The Surah speaks about the humble beginning of human beings, but the high position that they can receive if they follow the message of Allah.

  18. Surah al-Qadr: The Surah talks about the majesty and glory of the Qur’an and the time in which the Qur’an was revealed.

  19. Surah al-Bayyinah: The Surah tells us that Prophet Muhammad came with a clear message and a Divine Book.  This Book (the Qur’an) contains the basic message of all the Prophets of Allah. It also draws attention to the different ends of those who follow the right path and those who turn away from the truth

  20. Surah al-Zilzal: This Surah talks about the life after death and that all deeds will be exposed on the Day of Judgment.

  21. Surah al-‘Adiyat: The Surah tells us the ungratefulness of man and where it leads him.  It describes the wild and unruly life style of the Arabs before Islam.  It also reminds us that Allah is aware of all the hidden secrets of human souls and He will expose them on the Day of Judgment.

  22. Surah al-Qari’ah: The Surah gives the warning about the Day of Judgment.  It will be the day of great clamour. People will be scattered and the mountains will crumble. Only those whose balance will be weighty will prosper.

  23. Surah al-Takathur: The Surah talks about the evil consequences of materialism and this worldliness.

  24. Surah al-‘Asr: The Surah tells us that human beings are generally losers.  Then it says what is the way to success and salvation.

  25. Surah al-Humazah: The Surah talks about some of the moral problems that affect the wealthy and then it gives them warnings of the consequences of these evils.

  26. Surah al-Fil: The Surah reminds about the event when the Ka’bah was attacked by an army from the Southern part of Arabia, but Allah destroyed this army. It is the same God who protected the Ka’bah, His message is now presented by Prophet Muhammad (saw).

  27. Surah Quraish:  It reminded the people of Makkah that it was Allah who gave them honour and prestige among other tribes due to His House, the Ka’bah, so why not worship Him and obey His command.  It is similarly a reminder to others to worship Allah who provides everything.

  28. Surah al-Ma’un: Religion means social service, helping the poor and needy.  The Surah tells us that the true belief in God and the last day create a kind and compassionate character.

  29. Surah al-Kawthar: The Surah gives good news and comfort that Allah’s message will prevail and the enemies of the truth will be the losers.

  30. Surah al-Kafirun: The Surah tells us that there cannot be any compromise in the matters of faith and worship. People are free to follow whatever religion they want, but the truth and falsehood cannot be mixed together.

  31. Surah an-Nasr: This is a Madani Surah and according to most of the authorities this is the last Surah that was revealed to the Prophet (saw). The Surah reminds about the attitude of the Believer in the situation of success.  One should be thankful to Allah and seek His forgiveness for any shortcomings or mistakes.

  32. Surah al-Lahab.  This Surah was revealed to condemn the behaviour of one of the relatives of the Prophet who stood against his message.  The Surah gives a warning that those who oppose the message of Allah, they will be severely punished, regardless whether they are of the family of the Prophet or not.

  33. Surah al-Ikhlas: This is a great Surah of Tawhid.  It speaks about the oneness of Allah.

  34. Surah al-Falaq:  The Surah reminds us that evil is lurching everywhere and any things can become harmful. One should always be conscious, do right things and seek Allah’s protection.

  35. Surah an-Nas: The Surah tells us that Satan is always against the human beings and he puts wrong suggestions in their minds.  We should seek Allah’s protection from Satan and his whisperings. This is a very appropriate ending for the Book of Allah. The Book of God is to provide protection from all evil and success under the guidance of Allah.


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